Hello! My name is Caroline. Welcome to my little space in the interwebs. I live in beautiful Utah near the mountains, and I like to make things. This is mainly a crafting blog, with some hopefully-amusing diversions. What you’ll find here is sewing, knitting, spinning, and maybe a bit of weaving. The diversions you’re likely to see are cats and horses, plus some alpacas and any sheep I can find.

Other members of the team:


Tigger is 12 years old. He loves catnip, sun spots, sitting under Christmas trees, and snuggling with his sister Maggie. His skills include high-five, coming when called, and getting his human to spoil him.


Maggie is Tigger’s sister. Both of them have lived with me since they were kittens. Maggie is also 12 and loves rubber bands, those little plastic things off the milk jug, and watching birds. Her skills include catching all types of small prey (retired, since she is now an indoor cat) and helping in the sewing room by eating my pattern tissue.


Luna is 14 and only came to me in the last year. She is also known as “Dragon Eyes”, “Grumpy Face”, and “The Cat With The Diamond Collar”. Her skills include snuggling, licking my skin off, and running up very expensive vet bills.

With occasional guest stars:


Brutus is my little Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso. He’s a family dog so he lives with my mom. He loves to snuggle.


Teddy is a Cockapoo / Lhasa Apso. He loves to bark and be Out.


Kalo is my first horse. I don’t own him anymore, but he’s in my avatar and he’s pretty, so you might see some pictures of him.


Peter is not my horse, but I ride him most of the time right now. He’s good at jumping over things.


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