Pink and Lace

Two things that normally don’t describe me at all.


Short post today for a quick project. I started this yesterday afternoon and finished it in time for dinner. I love making t-shirts, they work up so quickly and I wear them so often, they get plenty of time in the rotation.

(Speaking of self-made clothes in the rotation—is anyone else a “saver”? I am constantly reminding myself that I don’t need to save my favorite clothes for a special day or occasion. If I didn’t remind myself, I think I’d wear my worst stuff all the time and never wear the good stuff! And the first wear is the most nerve-wracking, I think—I hesitated to put this on once it was done because I was afraid of ruining it, I guess.)


I bought a couple of rayon jerseys from Koshtex on Etsy for t-shirts and undershirts. The pink was a bit of an impulse-buy, but I figured it’d make a good undershirt since it’s fairly close to my skin tone. Once I received the fabrics (they’re all fantastic, really soft, and with a subtle sheen. Highly recommend) I took a closer look at the pink, took out some lingerie stretch lace from my stash, and immediately decided the fabric was perfect for something “sweet”.


I combined adding lace to the neckband and sleeves with a small gather in front (I added about an inch in width to the center front-top when cutting, grading the extra to nothing at the bottom. Then I gathered it when I attached the neckband. I do wish I’d done it a bit neater, the gather looks slightly goofy, but from farther away it’s hard to tell.) I used my standard t-shirt block from the Closet Case Nettie bodysuit pattern. Once I’d attached the neck band, I coverstitched the lace on top, and then for the sleeve hems, I pressed up the hem and then coverstitched it and the lace in place at the same time. I left the hem laceless; I will probably wear this tucked in at least some of the time, and I didn’t want to add bulk where it would show weirdly.


While I’m not usually one for super-girly clothing, this is a nice subtle feminine piece that’s also very comfy and easy to wear. I imagine it would also look nice under a blazer or jacket. It’s a pretty cute variation on a standard t-shirt and I’m sure I’ll do something like it in the future.

I’m working on a pretty big project in the meantime; it won’t be ready to show off for a couple more weeks. And really, there’s nothing like having a lot to do, as having a lot of help getting in the way of me doing it.


I’m sure Tigger thinks he’s helping… notice how the orange cat gravitates toward the blue fabric. Of course. *sigh*


One thought on “Pink and Lace

  1. Rii the Wordsmith says:

    I totally do that with my shirts, too. Something along the lines of, “Oh, but, what if I want to wear this later?” and then forcing myself to just wear the dang shirt.
    I love Rachelle’s cameo ;) (no seriously, it’s fun.)


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