Spring has sprung!

And for an event rider, that means only one thing*: cross country!

Alas, there’s not much going on that I can show you in the crafting department (although there is still plenty going on behind the scenes!) so I thought I’d share my weekend adventure. I have an important clinic (training session) with a world-famous event rider, Lucinda Green, in a few weeks, so over the weekend Pete and I tackled the cross country course for the first time this year. Boy, it was a good thing we did. I’d rather get all the crap out of the way first! Let’s just say the cool weather and a new body-clip had Petey feelingĀ fiiine. And he felt like expressing that with a few bucks. Maybe more than a few.

Fortunately, the only disaster was that I was so focused on staying on that I forgot to ride well. I think my trainer was a bit exasperated with me after telling me the same thing three times. But ultimately I did get the message, you know, eventually. We worked on basic cross country obstacles (jumping over logs) as well as more classic “cross country” type jumps, such as up banks and down banks. Those require specific techniques to ride, especially down banks, so it was good practice. And eventually I got the hang of it again!



I’m looking forward to lots of good rides to come.

*This is not entirely true. Spring also means SHEDDING. SHEDDING EVERYWHERE.


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