Hey there, foxy

I’m still elbow-deep in what I’ve been calling the shirt from hell—it’s nearly done but I fear the buttonholes will be the end of me. So I took a break to whip up something I knew would be fast. A t-shirt takes me hardly any time and always gets worn, and I had some fabric sitting around waiting to be made into one. It’s pretty cute fabric, don’t you think?


Adorable little foxes on cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. (Heads up: that’s a referral link. I get a credit if you make a first purchase there off that link.) It’s not quite as stretchy as I expected it to be, so instead of my standard Nettie t-shirt, I made it up into Sewaholic Renfrew, which has more ease.


I didn’t even touch my sewing machine for this project. All I needed was my serger and my coverstitch machine. I LOVE having the coverstitch machine. It’s a big expense for a very specialized machine, and most people don’t have them. I got mine for a steal from someone who wasn’t using it, and I adore it. I mean, seriously. Look at this sweet sleeve hem!



Simply beautiful, right there. (Yes, apparently I can get cat hair on EVERYTHING.) I love that I can put a “surprise” color in the looper (it blends in here, but it doesn’t need to!) and it doesn’t show on the right side. I plan on using that fact to put a lot of color pops in future stuff.

Initially I just turned and stitched the neckline. Since this jersey isn’t very stretchy and the print is busy, I didn’t want a self-fabric band. (As you can see, I didn’t do the bands originally written into the Renfrew pattern for sleeves and hem, either.) The turn-and-stitching worked fine, but it left the neckline uncomfortably gape-y. So I ripped it out and attached a snug band with a rayon jersey scrap leftover from another project. Perfect!


Confession: I was really, really into foxes at a certain stage in my life, by which I mean the second grade. My best friends and I played foxes every single recess, and I had this obsession with drawing them. I still think they’re pretty neat! I met someone once who had domesticated pet fox babies and they were just about the cutest thing ever. It was all I could do not to steal them. I did at least take a picture.


Well, until next time—if the shirt from hell doesn’t defeat me!


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