Simplicity 2700 “Amazing Fit” Trousers

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately. For me, that doesn’t really mean a project a week or anything like that. Mainly, it means sitting down for longer than five minutes and really continuously working on a project. Normally I have a short attention span and a low frustration threshold with sewing, but my sessions of longer sewing, and telling myself I’ll “just do one more thing” have really helped that. For some reason, if I tell myself I “have” to do it, I won’t; if I tell myself I can quit whenever I want, I’m much more likely to stick to it. That’s been the case this week, when I’ve been putting together a muslin that’s been much more tricky than I expected… but was not the case with the project I just finished. I started sewing these in June of last year! Not exactly a quick one. However, they are finally done… my new Simplicity 2700 trousers!


I’ve made this pattern once before. This was another “lots of muslin work” pattern, but I think the work really paid off, because these trousers fit really well. I had a really difficult time getting a good fit at first, until I finally emailed Simplicity and asked for advice. The pattern includes 3 different versions of the trouser for different body types, “slim,” “average,” and “curvy.” To my surprise Simplicity recommended the “curvy” fit and it definitely fit me the best! The main difference, I believe, is that the “curvy” has two darts at the back, where the other versions have only one.


For this pair of trousers I mainly changed the fit of the leg. Originally this pattern makes a very nice wide-leg trouser on me, but I wanted a fitted leg that flared at the bottom. I think I may have made these a little too tight, as they’re harder to move in than I prefer, but I quite like the look when I’m standing! I also redrafted the waistband to fit better, and added belt loops.


I really love the slash pockets. I don’t think I can have a pair of pants and not have pockets. I just don’t know what to do with my hands! There’s some wrinkling on the side seams by the pockets, though, and I’m not sure how to fix that. I think it’s just the way my hips are shaped, there’s a bit of a concavity there, but I’m not sure. The stitching lines could definitely be smoother.


The t-shirt, by the way, is also a me-made. It’s Closet Case Nettie, originally a bodysuit pattern, which I made into a t-shirt. It’s my favorite t-shirt pattern, and I love how it fits. The fabric is a stained-glass ikat print from Girl Charlee.


There are definitely some things I want to fix for the next time I make this pattern. The fly area is weird—there’s a noticeable wrinkle from some stitching oddness at the bottom of the fly, and the top of the waistband pulls apart. I think my redrafting of the waistband is to blame for that, so I’m going to change the center front a bit and see if I can fix it next time. I also think I accidentally sewed the waistband and its facing at slightly different sizes, which is not a great idea.

The fabric for this is some wool suiting from Fabric Mart. It’s a really gorgeous heathery blue-gray, just my style. I bought about six yards of it when it was on sale, so I’m planning to make a jacket later—but I suspect that one’s going to need a lot of work, so I’ve put it off for now. Someday I’ll have time to sew everything! (And one day I’ll buy a unicorn. You know. Like you do.)

Oh, and here’s your cat picture for the week. Tigger is so exhausted by the work of being a cat. Maggie thinks he’s full of it.



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